Banzai Point Part 1


Despite the strapping currents of banzai point and congregations of grey reef sharks, three of my friends and I were able to enjoy an afternoon of spear fishing. The water conditions were great while the water was even clearer. As soon as we jumped in at our first spot, Banzai Point, we were able to see a couple Napoleon wrasses, skip jack, and the usual school of unicorn fish. Early into the dive, One of the divers, Pat Alepuyo, got his first shot eaten by a shark! Scott Russel, one of the living legends of Saipan spear fishing, shot two massive unicorn fishes. Due to so many photos,im uplaoding these pictures by sections. So, this will be the first one. Let the pictures do the rest of the explaining:)


Weekend filled with FISH!


Saturday afternoon, my three friends and I spent an afternoon spearfishing on the back side of Saipan which was breath taking. Nice sized Hangon (orangespine unicornfish), Tataga (bluespine unicornfish), and some Hiyuk (Bluebanded surgeonfish). The next day, Sunday, a couple of my friends and I tried the waters of Obyan beach. From diving two opposite sides of the island of Saipan, one can compare the characterisitcs of particular fish. For example, the unicorn fish were easy to target on the back side while the palaksi were nearly impossible. At Obyan beach, the palaksi were the ones easily targeted while the unicorn fish were difficult. Leave me some comments on the photos! Enjoi:)


Adventures in Saipan


This is a mix of photos from thursday and photos today. The whole morning, i was helping my uncle smoke some meat which i was not able to take some pictures of. the rest was at jefferys beach saipan. My boss Peter Houk and friend John Starmer decided to get our spears wet since the conditions were pretty good. We did some damage at back side saipan with some nice sized fishes. Defintely a better day than lau lau:)