Destination: GRAFFITI


Todays post is the Graffiti edition. While i was in New York, here were some awesome murals I came across while roaming around the streets of the Big Apple. Check it out, there are some wonderful creations along with complex illustrations. Also, one picture displays one exact same angle. The only difference was that one was shot without flash (1) and the other was shot with flash (2). Feedback would be great:)


The Big Apple Episode 1


This past weekend was Valentines Day! Instead of spending it with a significant other, I spent it with various significant others! Flew over from the west coast to meet up with my lovely sister, Som "The Gnome" Quan, my awesome cousins, DA Fran, SOLE MOLIE, Care Bear Sherr, SLOW DOWN LITTLE FELLA Pat, little Ore-O, Beck "Chopped in the NECK" Peirce (I apologize if I spelled your last name wrong), & Frank "THE CRANK" Camacho (will be seen in Episode 2). Also, I flew over with my brother TERMINATOR Tim, and Nan-meggie:) enjoy the visual illustrations:) Also, I took these shots with my Nikon D40 with it's stock lens. Please don't be to critical because i'm still experimenting.