“Reality in its rawest form”


The picture i've selected to be my picture of the day was taken back in my highschool days on the Big Island of Hawaii. I wasn't to much a fan of photography at this point in time. I simply borrowed a friend's camera to take a few photos on a trip I went on with some other students. Whats so awesome about photography is that it allows the individual to capture a certain aspect of a given situation that he or she experiences. By doing so, he or she enables themselves to step back into this certain time of their life by viewing the photograph. Whether if it reflects a good or bad part of their lives, it captures reality in its rawest form; a perspective through the photograph's window to the world. 

Also, Mr. Crank if your reading this, Day 4 is on my belt brother. Hows about you EMAP!

Saipan + Guam


Hey everyone! Here are some pictures of great friends from Guam! These were taken during the Trench Warz on Saipan, Marianas Pacific when the fighters from Guam arrived. The weekend that followed was epic! The weekend was filled with lots of alcohol and fun while we showed our fellow friends the beauty of my island, Saipan. Enjoy the pictures.


December Chronicles


Hafa Adai everyone! Its been quite a while since I’ve updated my blog. After finally receiving my Nikon D40 from my mother, I’ve finally been able to edit the pictures I took with this camera over Christmas break. My subjects vary from beautiful delicate flowers, to objects I find very significant to my lifestyle. My “6 banger” Jeep CJ-5 resembles my curiosity for adventure and spontaneity. Having a Jeep, one can go wherever the road takes you literally, and allows you to see different perspectives of nature in its purest form. The Hibiscus flowers resemble mother nature at its finest, displaying very organic colors and textures formed through the natural occurances of a higher being or God himself. My ukulele describes my love for music, while my Bull Mastiff, Mr. Chibi, signifies my love for such peaceful and playful animals. Finally, my mask is like my jeep; it resembles my desire for diving into unpredictability and into the depths of the ocean in search of anything that satisfies my thirst for adventure. Peace:)