Grotto, Saipan Episode 1

Uncategorized | After a pretty huge typhoon, the weather lit up for a split second allowing for some freediving! Spent the afternoon at Grotto experimenting with my GoPro Camera. Footage was pretty legit. Stay tuned for more! 

The Grotto is an underwater cave that provides a passage for scuba divers to the open ocean. It is literally an inland hole that leads out into a drop off where if you are lucky, you will see something huge! 



Had a great wod with Bic Sablan yesterday. 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 with HSPU and strict pullups. Pretty sick wod! Definitely a strength focused workout. Definitely gonna hit this again in the near future due to NOT having LEGIT technique. My time was 15:28 and Bic's time was15:48. Great workout, once again! Stay tuned for more!

I apologize for the poor audio quality. Will be incorporating some better footage 😀 Stay tuned for more!!