Marianas Adventure Ginen Pagan


A minuscule island littered with luscious coconot groves and pine tree forests, Pagan is apart of the unique island chain of the Northern Mariana Islands. Previously inhabited by local families from the southern island of Saipan, they were forced to be evacuated due to the rude awakenings of the northern volcano. Currently, there are a number persons that live on the Northern Mariana Islands Chain that live the stress-free life. This video compiles my last trip to Pagan which was the summer of 2010. I was apart of a research team to conduct a census on certain animals on the island. Currently, the military is interested in turning Pagan into a firing range. After viewing this video, ask yourself if this is what you want Pagan to be used for…. PEACE

One thought on “Marianas Adventure Ginen Pagan

  1. Hey Jose,

    It Moñeka Im apart of a coalition of islander warriors and protectors called “our Islands are sacred”. Can you send some of your high quality photos of Pagan and Tinian to be used in social campaigns? We want to create attractive information materials regarding the DEIS of the CNMI. We will photo credit you of course.

    We want to use your pictures and direct quotes from the DEIS to encourage people to be aware and engaged and most of all comment on the DEIS or show up at one of the hearings planned for the end of the month.

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