February 27, 2014 – Thursday

2014 Tinian Pika Fest

2014 Tinian Pika Fest

2014 Tinian Pika Fest

2014 Tinian Pika Fest

I recently visited the island of Tinian to attend the Annual Pika/Hot Pepper Festival. The island of Tinian is apart of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. It is approximately 5 nautical miles southwest of Saipan, and has a land area of 39 square miles. Tinian played a very crucial part in WWII due to the fact that the Atomic Bombs that were used for Hiroshima were stored on this island. Currently, the United States has been using the northern regions of the island for military exercises.

I participated in the race called the Dragon Boat Race, which you can see above. It was definitely harder than I thought. If the right side pulls harder than the left side, it will cause the canoe to go to the right. It requires rhythm and sync. Other than that, it was definitely fun. Unfortunately, the team I was on placed fourth out of four teams. 

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