April 13, 2014 – Monday



This past weekend was filled with adventure. Saturday was filled with 12 hours of fishing for the 2015 Mahi Derby. The morning was filled with  crying reels and the sound of fish hitting the deck. Unfortunately, our biggest bull was only 17.05 lbs. The biggest fish that day was around 24-27 lbs. Although we didn’t win, we had a great time battling the creatures of the deep blue. I took this photo while we were leaving the harbor. The boat belongs to Rufin Jr. Inos. 

Leave Pagan Alone


A gallary of pictures from the island of Pagan in hopes to spread more awareness of the beauty of the Northern Mariana Islands, specifically Pagan.

The latte stone represents the strength of our ancestors.

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DSC1390_E DSC1385_E

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March 21, 2015 – Saturday


Along the northern shoreline of the beautiful island of Rota, a freshwater swimming hole can be found that is protected by lush jungle and coral reefs. It seems as if its big tide pool. However, the pool’s looks are deceiving. Once you jump in and taste the water, you will know that the water is not 100% salt water. It is a great place to hang out with friends and family enjoying the warmth of the sun.

March 19, 2015 – Thursday

Rota, Uncategorized

I found this beauty while my partner and I were exploring the back roads of Rota. We saw this hilitai  from afar allowing myself to creep out of the car very slowly to snap a few shots. It’s yellow spotted skin helps camouflage the creature into the rootedness of the dense Rota jungle. The closer I approached, the more it proved to be a very shy and timid creatures. The hilitai is one of many creatures that can be find on the beautiful island of Rota. 

March 17, 2015 – Tuesday


The beautiful island Rota serves as a safe haven for various indigenous creatures of the Northern Mariana Islands. The humble Ayuyu, commonly known as the coconut crab, is one of many indigenous creatures that can be found on the island. There are a few common places to find this creature in its natural habitat. The easiest way to spot an Ayuyu is to take a stroll on the back road of Rota that connects the Song Song village to the Sinapalo village. It is a dirt road that is nested into the beautiful jungle that engulfs the limestone island. Be sure to take this journey at night due to their increased crab activity during this time of the day. Keep an eye out for the reflection of their eyes from the lights of your vehicle. 

March 15, 2015 – Sunday


It is mind boggling to think how these ancient megaliths were excavated and transported to this latte site.  When in the presence of such remarkable accomplishments of the ancient chamorro culture, I always ponder what the ancient chamorro society was like. Would I fit in? Where would my role be in regards to being a hunter, a gatherer, a craftsmen, a farmer, etc? As time continues to tick, there will always be a sense of curiosity and amazement when it comes to our ancient Chamorro roots. 

March 11, 2015 – Wednesday

Latte Stone

Latte Stone

I recently made a trip to the island of Tinian for the annual Pika Festival. This festival showcases the notorious donne’, or hot pepper, that is known for its intense spicy flavor. You can find Tinian Hot Pepper in stores. However, the best Tinian Donne’ you can find are from the local families who make the concoction by hand. I managed to take a stroll to the House of Taga. It is always a great feeling to be surrounded by megaliths made by Ancient Chamorros. Not only will you be in awe, you will appreciate the strength of the culture by creating your own hypothesis on how these megaliths were excavated and constructed. If your ever on the island of Tinian, be sure to take a few minutes and appreciate this Chamorro Heritage site.

January 16, 2015 – Friday





A few shots of the MV ASUKA II from a helicopter. Each time the ship leaves port, a helicopter is used to drop flowers down onto the passengers on the vessel’s departure. Talk about great customer service! The ride was exhilarating.

October 15, 2014 – Mt. Tapochau

Long Exposure, Saipan
Mt. Tapochau, Birds Eye View

Mt. Tapochau, Birds Eye View

The weather has been somewhat cloudy in the Mariana Islands. Its probably due to the passing storm, supposedly the strongest storm of 2014 (Typhoon Vongfont). Took a drive up to the highest point on the island, Mt. Tapochau. This drive MUST be done with a 4×4 capable vehicle. The past few months have been rainy, causing the roads to deteriorate.

This picture was taken looking south, looking towards Tinian. You can also see the island of Aguigan (Goat Island) in the distance. I took the picture around 12-1230PM. I was hoping for more blue and less clouds, but Mother Nature can be like that at times. This was a 30 second exposure done with a polarized filter + an ND filter.