March 11, 2015 – Wednesday

Latte Stone

Latte Stone

I recently made a trip to the island of Tinian for the annual Pika Festival. This festival showcases the notorious donne’, or hot pepper, that is known for its intense spicy flavor. You can find Tinian Hot Pepper in stores. However, the best Tinian Donne’ you can find are from the local families who make the concoction by hand. I managed to take a stroll to the House of Taga. It is always a great feeling to be surrounded by megaliths made by Ancient Chamorros. Not only will you be in awe, you will appreciate the strength of the culture by creating your own hypothesis on how these megaliths were excavated and constructed. If your ever on the island of Tinian, be sure to take a few minutes and appreciate this Chamorro Heritage site.

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