March 12, 2014 – Wednesday

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Managaha facing West

Managaha facing West

Managaha Facing East

Managaha Facing East

Managaha Island. One of Saipan’s most visited spots due to it’s emerald green waters, white sand beaches, and isolation in the Saipan Lagoon. The island offers numerous pavilions for residents/tourists to spend the day/overnight enjoying their “beach front” view of mother nature. Managaha is located in a Marine Protected Area where any fishing/harvesting activities violate the rules of the MPA. Managaha is currently experiencing a change in topography due to erosion in the northern parts of the island.

December 3, 2013 – Tuesday

Beach, Long Exposure, Saipan


December 1, 2013 – Sunday

Beach, Long Exposure, Saipan


November 29, 2013 – Friday

Beach, Long Exposure, Saipan


November 27, 2013 – Wednesday

Beach, Saipan


November 25, 2013 – Monday

Ocean, Saipan

Saipan Island

November 23, 2013 – Saturday

Ocean, Tinian

Taga Beach

November 21, 2013 – Thursday

Ocean, Tinian


November 19, 2013 – Tuesday



November 3, 2013 – Sunday

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